UI design

A good UI design creates a trigger for the users to spend more time on your website and come back to it again and again. DeyIt is a pioneer UI design company in London.

UI Design

UI Design – Enhance User Interface

Building a great user interface is a vital element for the success of any website. A user landing on your website and the mobile app must feel good about it. A good UI design creates a trigger for the users to spend more time on your website and come back to it again and again. DeyIt is a pioneer UI design company in London. We build your website and mobile app UI design that helps create a profitable customer experience.

Grab the user’s attention and capitalize on user retention. This is the philosophy behind producing great UI designs at DeyIt. Our experienced UI design team works on research and implements current UI trends to deliver the best UI design for your website and mobile app. We design the individual screens, create wireframes and prototypes and then bring life to them. Our UI designs are sleek, stylish, and engaging.

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What is UI design?

UI or User Interface is the first thing that users interact with when they visit your website or mobile app. UI design focuses on the aesthetics of a website or mobile app. UI is creating the look and feel of the website. The look and feel are created through everything that goes on a web page like colors, animations, font, buttons, icons, placements, touch-points, alignments, and everything in between.     

Why do you need a UI Design Company?

No one wants to piss off their audience. If your UI design is not good, chances are that the visitors may leave your website pretty quickly. This is not something you want. A good UI design company understands the pulse of the users. We do the UI designs in such a way that the users have a great impression of it. This is the fundamental reason why you need to hire a UI design company.

Your website and app compete for users’ time. This requires you to create an outstanding UI design that helps you impress the users in very little time. If you want to appeal to your visitors and stand out amongst the millions of websites and mobile apps you need a UI design company.

How it works

Our UI Design Process

Our unique approach to UI design equips world class UI designing process.

Step 1

Research Analysis

We need to get the brief of the project first. We need to know your target audience and the purpose of your UI. Then we do user and market research. This includes current trends and competition analysis. Research analysis gives us inputs to set the expectations right. It also tells us the design requirements, resources required, and complexities involved in the project. We conduct interviews and feedback sessions with the users.  

Step 2

Designing screens and UI elements

We design the individual screens users will go through and the elements on those screens they will encounter. Design elements include designing icons and buttons, alignment and placement of content, imagery, colors that will go on the screen, and typography, designing animations and interactions.

Step 3

Creating Wireframes and Prototypes

We create wireframes throughout the process of UI design. We start with low-fidelity wireframes in the early stages. Wireframes tell you the layout and positioning of UI design elements on the screen. As we move ahead we get the approvals and that leads to high-fidelity prototypes to finalize the look and feel of the UI.

Step 4

Visual Design

We proceed to create designs once the layout, elements, and flow of the UI are finalized. We bring life to wireframes and prototypes. We decide on the visual elements such as the font style, color style, iconography, and imagery fitting into the design theme.

Step 5

Developing UI

Now is the time to bring what has been done so far into reality. Our UI design team creates excellent designs and shows how beautiful the UI design looks. All the UI elements are put into their place and the final design is produced for everyone to see.  

Step 6

User Validation

Now we get the UI design validation from the Users. We put our UI design for user testing and take the feedback on what is good about the design and what is the pain point still left there. More often than not our UI design goes without any changes.

Step 7

Handing off to the UI Development Team

We hand over the beautifully crafted UI design to the Development team to do the coding now. This is the final stage where UI design goes into the hands of UI developers.   

Why Choose DeyIt for UI Design

We have done so many UI designs for our clients and we are still hungry for more.

We Design Everything on Internet

We do Website UI Design, Mobile App UI Design, Software UI Design, and Product UI Design. Whether you need a complete website UI design or just a landing page design we do it all for you.

We Design and Re-design

If you are looking for a fresh UI design we do it for you. But if you are looking to re-design your existing website or mobile app, we do that as well.

Enhance Your Brand Identity

Our UI design work is always in perfect alignment with your brand identity. All elements of UI design such as theme, color, font type; icons, etc. will only enhance your brand identity.

Holistic UI Solution

We don’t just design UI. We offer holistic UI business solutions. Our UI designs not only make users feel good about it but also help bring more traffic and sales in return.

Turning Your Idea into Reality

You come to us with a vague idea and we give it a full-fledged shape, color, flow, and much more. Our UI design is focused on amalgamating your business and our creative acumen.

We Are Always on Time

Not a single project gets delayed from our end. We understand that we are a part of your business success. This is why we are always committed to delivering projects on time. 

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