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E-commerce Search engine optimization helps e-commerce platforms rank their products higher in search engines resulting in increased brand visibility and sales.

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SEO services for E-commerce – driving organic sales

E-commerce Search engine optimization helps e-commerce platforms rank their products higher in search engines resulting in increased brand visibility and sales. Many companies with physical stores in place are now selling a substantial chunk of their products through online marketplaces and their e-commerce website and mobile apps.

DeyIt is a reputed agency providing SEO services for e-commerce in London, UK. You can get organic sales online with our services. We have helped several customers boost their direct-to-consumer sales via our search engine optimization for e-commerce service. You will get more traction gaining exposure online, leads and customers. Our SEO service for e-commerce is designed to create healthy digital assets beating the competition.

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What is E-commerce SEO?

Search engine optimization for an online store is known as E-commerce SEO. An online store having tens or hundreds or thousands or even millions of products on their online store need specialized SEO service. SEO for e-commerce is the answer to this. An example of search engine optimization for an e-commerce platform is writing product descriptions with keywords that can rank high in SERPs. Obtaining backlinks from relevant websites is another example of search engine optimization for SEO.

Benefits of search engine optimization for e-commerce

Search engine optimization for e-commerce is essential because consumers love to shop online. There are countless benefits of search engine optimization for e-commerce and we are outlining 4 major benefits here:

What we do at DeyIt 

We have a checklist at DeyIt for SEO for e-commerce. Our services are tailored, result driven and come with advanced technologies that help our clients achieve their SEO goals.

Complete site audit

We start with a complete site audit of our clients. Site audit includes a comprehensive analysis of the content on your site and also the backlink profile.

Technical SEO

We look for issues on your site such as duplicate titles, 404 error, and other technical issues. Once technical issues are found it requires fixing them immediately.

Speed optimization

We do website speed optimization so that your users have a great experience which results in higher rankings in Google. Our effort is to achieve high scores in the Google search console.

Tailored SEO strategy

We design our Search engine optimization strategy for your e-commerce website based on your unique requirements. We will figure out keywords after comprehensive research, and industry analysis. This helps us create a list of the most searched keywords based on search volumes.

Product page optimization

Our product page optimization process focuses on creating a description and other content on your product page. These keywords produce high conversion rates. We help your products get increased visibility when customers search online for those products.

Creating content

We create high-quality and high-value content that will strengthen your website and make them more SEO optimized.

Link building

Our content for your website will be focused on quality that would encourage other people like bloggers to create a link to your pages. This natural backlink creates a high impact on the overall link-building strategy.

Category optimization

We optimize your category pages as they are a significant source of organic traffic. Creating Q & content is vital. Customers that come to your website through Q & A content have double the average lifetime value than traffic from Google.        

Generating monthly reports

We deliver monthly reports for our clients. The report includes detailed progress for all the targeted keywords. Actions we have taken and recommendations for future action.

Our SEO for e-commerce packages

We have multiple SEO for e-commerce packages for our customers. You can select one depending on your need. You can also ask for a customized package.

Why Choose us

Why choose DeyIt for SEO for e-commerce

Experienced team

We have over 10 years of experience. Our team has a blend of experienced professionals and fresh talent. We have successfully delivered many E-commerce SEO projects. We have the experience of handling e-commerce SEO for small, medium, and large sizes companies.

Customized strategy

We develop customized strategies for our clients depending on their goals, their constraints, industry requirements, and more. We design a tailored strategy for our clients that have the potential to give them better results.

Dedicated Manager

You get a dedicated manager who takes care of all kinds of communication between you and us. You get a personal touch with our dedicated manager. You don’t feel a lack of communication and coordination with us.

Best customer support

Our team is an extension of your team. This is how we work. No matter what is your concern or query, you get the best customer support with DeyIt.

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