Pay per click marketing

If the online ads are giving you poor results you most probably need our PPC Marketing Services in London

PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing – Boosting Online Ads Results

If the online ads are giving you poor results you most probably need our PPC Marketing Services in London. Paid marketing is great when you are looking for a quick jump in the number of visitors to your website or landing page. PPC or Pay-per-click is the best paid digital marketing tool on the internet to generate genuine leads and sales. We help create relative, trustworthy PPC campaigns that result in higher ad positioning on the SERPs at the lowest cost.      

Looking to maximize your profits from PPC? We assist our clients to generate maximum returns on paid marketing on platforms like Google and Bing.

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What is PPC?

PPC or Pay-per-click is a digital marketing tool. You pay the platform (search engines, websites, social media, and others) a fee each time your ad is clicked by somebody. When somebody clicks on your ad they land on a page you have created for this purpose. PPC is usually done for creating brand awareness, generating leads, and increasing online sales in a week and month. PPC ads can be made of text, images, videos, or a combination of them.   

Why Do You Need a PPC Company?

When the entire world is on the internet online advertisement has to be a significant proportion of your overall marketing effort. PPC helps you get the best on your online ads. Most people make the mistake of thinking of PPC as an expense. No, if done well PPC is a real asset. Only a renowned PPC company like DeyIt can do the job for you. For each £ 1 spent on PPC, you can generate a sale of £ 2 or £200 sales or even more. When this is the potential you cannot afford to execute PPC badly else you will lose your entire ad spent money. A PPC company designs and runs PPC campaigns that work the best on the intended platforms, reach your target audience, and bring huge traffic and sales for your products or services.

How it works

Our Pay-per-click Process

We have a clear, precise and result oriented PPC process.

Selection of Keywords

Keywords in the PPC ads are one of the major factors considered by search engines algorithm in deciding which ads would appear on top when users type search words. We start with crafting a relevant keywords and phrases list for your PPC ads, tight keyword groups, and creating proper ad text. We review expensive and underperforming keywords and remove them until they are necessary. Right keywords guarantee that your ads are shown to your target audience group.

Create Compelling Ad Copy

We create attention-grabbing ad copy for your PPC ads. The ad copy includes writing headlines and descriptions mirroring users’ objectives. The objective is to create ad copy that is appealing to your target audience and has a trigger enticing searchers to click on your ad link and visit your landing page. We create unique, Keyword rich display URLs.

Refine Landing Page

We design, redesign or modify your landing page. We ensure your landing page delivers what is promised in your PPC ad. We work on the content, links, images, inquiry form, etc. we fine-tune them to align with individual search queries to boost conversion rates. You need to create multiple landing pages to generate more traffic. We insert a call to action on the landing page to increase inquiries and sales.     

Choose the Right Platforms and Set the Right Budget

Now we help you decide which platform you should choose to run your ads on. Depending on where is your target audience most active across various platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. we help you decide the right platform to focus your PPC campaign. Money spent with less or no return is a futile exercise. We help you decide how much to spend on the PPC campaign to get the best ROI.

Build PPC Campaign

We build your PPC campaign strategy and structure in place. We practice the best PPC techniques to ensure that PPC effort brings in the best result in a SERP, social media feed, and other targeted platforms. We follow a PPC campaign process and break down the PPC progression, making necessary changes to deliver results.   

Campaign Review 

We do the daily review of campaign data. Your PPC ad traction is measured in a detailed manner. We measure click-through rates, traffic coming from various online sources, bounce rates, conversion rates, highest and lowest-performing keywords, and much more. We don’t assume things and instead do the testing, refining, and testing again.  

Choose your package

PPC Packages

We offer the best PPC Packages in London. You can now boost your online advertising with our affordable PPC packages.


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Why Choose DeyIt for PPC Campaign?

Make us your partner for the PPC campaign. We deliver you the best returns on your PPC spend.

We Increase New Customer Acquisition Rate

We help you meet your objective of new customer acquisition through PPC. We have delivered an increase of up to 500% in new customer acquisition for our clients.

We Reduce Average Lead Cost

We have helped our clients reduce the average lead cost by a huge margin. We ensure each penny you spend brings you the best result at the minimum cost.

We do the Retargeting 

It may take 5-7 new inquiries to create a new customer. We help you do retarget your existing customers and generate sales through returning customers.

We build PPC Campaign Complementing SEO

We help you bring immediate traffic while you can continue SEO efforts to bring organic traffic. Our PPC works as a supplement to the SEO strategy.

We Deliver the Desired Goals

We deliver you the increase in traffic, inquiries, and sales. You can use Google Analytics to track your goals. We help you track the ad performance in real-time and decide on what more is required for more efficiency.

We Help You Build and Re-establish Your Brand

Whether you are a start-up trying to build your brand or you are an established player looking to revamp your brand, we help you achieve through the best PPC campaign.  

Let us show you the power of marketing