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We help businesses in London, UK appear on top in local listings, Google SERPs, and Google Maps with our best local SEO service in London. 

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DeyIt is a top-rated local SEO company in the UK. We help businesses in London, UK appear on top in local listings, Google SERPs, and Google Maps with our best local SEO service in London. Brick and Mortar businesses need to beat the competition with a strong local search presence. We help businesses gain local market share through an effective Local SEO strategy.

Boosting local search presence is the key to growth for businesses that are looking to target specific geographical areas. We are specialists in designing and executing tailored local SEO strategies for our clients. Our services also come with the best local SEO package pricing in the industry.   

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Content Writing

Customers looking for a product or service that you are offering should find your page at top of their search, right? Local SEO is the answer to this. Local SEO is a branch and integral part of the overall SEO strategy where the goal is to target customers in a specific geographic area, city, state, or neighborhood. An effective local SEO is aimed to improve rankings in local search. Local SEO requires content, link building, and landing page optimization all localized.

How it works

Our Process

Step 1

Identifying keywords

We identify keywords targeting audiences to a specific geographic location. Our team does an in-depth analysis of your market and what the competition is doing. Local SEO requires the selection of keywords that can beat the competition and put you ahead in local searches. We suggest keywords based on this objective and finalize them with your consent.

Step 2

On page optimization

Keeping search engines' local SEO guidelines we tweak and optimize your web pages. Google My Business has become the life of local search. We create and verify a Google My Business page. We verify that your citations are correct and consistent in the top business directories. We do 'on page audit' for this. Our optimization process includes optimizations of URL, title tags, headers, Meta description, and content.

Step 3

Off-page optimization

Our off-page optimization process includes tactics applied outside of your website to improve your rankings. Link building, guest posting, social media marketing, and more such tools are applied to achieve this. The idea behind off-page optimization is that your website is seen as trustworthy and authoritative by search engines.

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