SEO services

DeyIt does it consistently for its clients. We are an affordable SEO company in London. We offer a high ROI with our SEO services. 

SEO Services

DeyIt is a top SEO service company in the UK. Our affordable SEO packages enable your web page to rank on top across all major search engines. When your customers are looking to purchase a product or service that you offer they will turn to major search engines, especially Google. But the majority of them would not click beyond the top 2 pages. This requires your page to rank on top. This is where we provide you best SEO expert in London. 

SEO brings more customers
Well planned and executed SEO strategy can bring more traffic to your website with a high conversion rate. DeyIt does it consistently for its clients. We are an affordable SEO company in London. We offer a high ROI with our SEO services. This gets converted into an increased number of sales for your product or service.
Leads coming through SEO have a higher closing rate. We use tools and technologies for SEO marketing in London. 

Tailored SEO services

We have standard affordable SEO packages in place. But our SEO strategy is tailored to the customer’s need. Be it keyword selection, competitor analysis, content writing, link building, and everything in between we design and deliver that works best for each of our clients. We follow the consultation and explanation process at each stage of the work. We have the best team, advanced processes, and a goal-based approach in place.

How it works

Our SEO process

We follow a comprehensive SEO process that is transparent and produces high ROI.

Step 1

Business Analysis

Our job starts with analyzing your business in detail. Our initial interactions are fully focused on

  • Learning about your business
  • Knowing your objectives and expectations from the campaign
  • Learning the keywords you want to focus on
  • Learning about your competitors and knowing where they are ranking on Google
  • Analyzing your website and comparing it with your competitors
  • Analyzing and sharing with you, the time and money required to achieve your SEO goals   
Step 2

Keyword Research

Our team does in-depth research on keywords that can work best for a successful SEO campaign. Sometimes what is trending in the industry becomes important but we also look for “low-hanging fruit” keyword ideas that may beat the competition. We finalize keywords for your SEO campaign out of our suggestions and/or what you target. Our goal is to work with the keywords which work best to meet your business objectives.

Step 3

Offering the best SEO package

Once we have finalized the keywords we offer you the SEO plan tailored for you and the most affordable SEO packages. Our prices are the most competitive in the market. We love to invite our clients to meet our team, especially those who will take up your SEO campaign.

Step 4

Website audit and optimization 

Your website audit is the first step in your SEO campaign. We do an in-depth website audit. We look to identify the problems on your website. Now is the time to fix all the problems. We move forward with your website optimization to enhance the performance of your website. Major optimization areas are but not limited to:

  • Page Loading Speed
  • Mobile Usability
  • Technical On-Page SEO
  • Content (SEO)
  • UX design optimization (Frontend)
  • Web Development (Backend)
  • CRO/Landing Page Optimization
Step 5
Step 5

Content creation and link building

Content is the key to a successful SEO campaign. Content on the web pages and content in your blogs must be relevant to your target audience. Our content team works to create content on your website and blogs. Blogs are a great way to touch your audience. We keep analyzing the keywords your competitors are using and keywords that are working best in Google searches.
Link building is important to drive organic traffic to your page via search engines. We have expertise in link building as we do all forms of it through

  • Asking for links
  • Adding links and
  • Earning links


Our success is judged by numbers. We deliver the numbers in our weekly/monthly reports with findings and suggestions for further improvement. Our report helps you make better marketing decisions. The KPIs tracking in our SEO report usually includes but is not limited to:

  • Organic Search Visits
  • Bounce Rate
  • Average Page Load Time
  • Pages Per Visit From Organic
  • Top Organic Landing Pages
  • Organic Traffic by Channel
  • Organic Traffic by Device
  • New vs returning customers
  • Revenues from Organic
  • Transaction from Organic
  • Top Organic Keywords
  • Best Performing Keyword by clicks
  • Best Performing Keywords by impressions
  • Best Performing Keywords by CTR
  • Best Performing Keywords by Average Position
  • Organic Conversion Rate
Step 5

Best SEO Packages

DeyIt is a popular SEO service company in the UK. This makes us more responsible to our customers. This is why we have designed the most affordable SEO packages in the industry. Here are the best SEO packages

Why Choose DeyIt?

DeyIt is a reputed SEO service company in the UK. Whether you are doing first-time SEO or want to change your current SEO agency you can choose us to get the best SEO expert in London. You can check our performance, our client list, what they have to say about us, and more.

So, if you are looking for an SEO service provider in London get in touch with DeyIt because:

  • We are easy to work with
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  • We are an affordable SEO company in London
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  • If all of this makes sense to you, reach out to us for SEO marketing in London.