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Content Management System

Content Management System – Enhancing Your Content Strategy

Content is the king on the internet. Now take charge of the content through a Content Management System. We design simple yet attractive one-point control for you to create, update, edit, and even change the content on your website. Continuous work on the content is the key to your online business success. CMS solves this problem. You don’t need to go to the developer when you need to do something with your content like uploading an image or adding a few lines to your ‘About Company’ page. You can simply get CMS developed for once and be in control of the content management.

A well-designed CMS saves your time, money, and other resources. You don’t need coding skills to manage content. We do the job for you by creating creative and useful CMS. If you need CMS service in London, you should not look beyond DeyIt.

What is Content Management System?

A Content Management System or CMS is software. CMS allows users to create, update, edit, and change content without any technical knowledge. It is a platform where you can control what goes on your website whenever you want. You can add or change text, images, and video and even create new tabs on your website, etc. on your website with a CMS in place.    

Why do you need a Content Management System?

If you have a business that requires a continuous change in the content you need a CMS. Such businesses can be from various industries such as travel, real estate, e-commerce, media, medical, and many more. Use cases of a CMS can be not limited to adding or changing a banner on the home page, adding or deleting product details, adding or removing product categories, removing product that is sold out and adding new arrivals, publishing blogs, etc. You can’t afford to let them handle your website developers these activities. For this reason, you need a CMS.

You may not have coding knowledge and thus it is better to have a CMS designed. If your requirement changes with time you can get a customized CMS as well. Multiple users can access and work in the back end of a CMS simultaneously.

How it works

Our CMS Process

We have a robust process of developing CMS for our clients. However, we also keep refining our processes from time to time.

Step 1

Get Input From the Users

We need to know who will be using the CMS and the purpose of using the CMS. This gives us prepare our CMS development strategy in line with the end users. We interact with the marketing, IT, and content team leaders and other stakeholders to understand what they exactly require. We decide the scope of the CMS and then move forward.

Step 2

Access Current and Future Requirements

We develop CMS meeting your current and future business needs. For this, we gather your current requirements, trends, competition, and various other things. We also gather data about your plans for the future that help us to design flexible modules, include features that can be easily edited or removed, flexible CMS design, and much more.

Step 3

Design Workflows and Prototype

Based on the inputs gathered we create the information structure. We categorize the content to make content search easy for the users. Then we design content management workflows from content creation to approval and then publishing. Now we create a CMS design prototype followed by conducting prototype user testing.

Step 1

Conduct Testing

We send CMS to the end users for testing at various stages. We send the CMS to the users for functional, integration, performance, and usability testing. We take feedback from them and accordingly the work is done for the CMS to work seamlessly. All the glitches are fixed that were detected during the testing.

Step 2

Deliver the Project

Final project delivery goes through several checks and back-and-forth testing. Once we are done with it we are ready to deliver the CMS. We hand over the admin panel and train the users. You are now good to go with your CMS.  

Why Choose DeyIt For CMS?

We help you build CMS that lets you control your content. Now whether you need to replace a single word on your website or add a product description or remove ‘sold out’ tour packages or anything else you can do it all without having to contact us. All you need is a CMS designed and developed by us.

Flexible Models

When your business requirements are ever so changing, you cannot have a fixed model-based CMS. Our custom CMS web development service follows flexible models to suit your evolving business goals.


We are 100% transparent. Information flow between us and our clients happens in a timely fashion and the key personnel involved from both sides are always in sync from the beginning till the end.  

Standardized Processes

Our CMS development process is absolutely successful. A standardized process helps us minimize costs, increase efficiency, and save time and human resources. Our clients also know what they can expect from us.

On-Time Project Delivery

We mean business when it comes to the timely delivery of the CMS or any other project at DeyIt. You will never lag with your business targets and competition and we guarantee you that.

Structured Reporting

With our monthly reporting, you always get the real picture of the CMS development at each stage. It gives you an insight into what has been achieved and what has been a miss. It helps us implement changes (if any) quite easily.

CMS Support and Maintenance

CMS is not a one-time work. It is continuous work and that’s where we love to help through our CMS support and maintenance service. You can give us the complete CMS maintenance work and be rest assured about its performance. 

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