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You can leverage our well-designed app store optimization services to increase the download of your mobile app on the play store.

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App Store Optimization – Boosting your app downloads on the play store

If your mobile app is struggling to rank high in the app store’s search results, you need an app store optimization strategy. There are over 5 million apps. You need a breakthrough app store optimization to get visibility on app stores. You can leverage our well-designed app store optimization services to increase the download of your mobile app on the play store.

We use all the tricks and tools to optimize your mobile app to get higher rankings in app store search results. We have helped companies get their mobile apps to get increased app downloads organically. Not just that you can also get your app built from scratch in no time with DeyIt.

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What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is the process of getting visibility on major app stores Apple App store and Google Play Store. Other than ranking high on the Play Store, the focus of app store optimization is to get downloads for your mobile app. This means when a user clicks on your app and gets on to the landing page they should also download it or make a purchase. This is called CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

App Store Optimization is the process that works on making people not just click on your apps but also download them. It uses but is not limited to tactics like app name optimization, title, logo, screenshots, and app rating.

App store optimization process at DeyIt

On-site optimization

We start the process of ASO with on-site optimization. Our on-site optimization is aimed to bring more organic traffic to your app. We optimize content to produce the best app store search results.

Keyword optimization

App store optimization works best with targeted keywords. We do an in-depth analysis of keywords for app titles and descriptions to enhance search engine rankings. We focus on select keywords and monitor the keyword rankings.

User Engagement

We map user engagement and tell you user responses for your products or services or offers. We use push notifications, e-mail marketing, and in-app messaging to boost user engagement.

App store audit

At the app store audit stage, we analyze the app’s architecture, rating, and reviews. We analyze technical glitches and fix them.

Monetizing your app

Once there is growth in download numbers, average user time on your app, etc. we can leverage this to monetize your app through various ad campaigns.


We share monthly reports with our clients. The report contains detailed progress of the ASO campaign, the key achievements, major shortcomings, KPIs achieved and missed, etc. You can ask anything in the report from us.

App store optimization packages

DeyIt has the best app store optimization packages in London, UK. Each package has been designed with specific KPIs and deliverables.  Package details  

Why app store optimization

Statistics tell you that there are over 5 million apps in Google Play Store and Apple’s App store combined. Now it is not tough to tell you that without app store optimization you will struggle big time to get visibility for your app in these app stores. You need app store optimization because it gives you:

Enhanced visibility and stands out in the competition

The first thing is to be visible on the app store. Once your app is visible then only people may download and use it. App store optimization helps your app be visible on app store searches made by users.

Organic app downloads

App store optimization brings in organic downloads and ensures long-term results. People typing keywords for an app similar to your app from the app store will find your app as their search result. A continuous app store optimization effort will keep your app rankings high.

Bringing down user acquisition cost

Organic growth with continuous app store optimization will cut down your user acquisition cost substantially. You can save money on your ad spend.

Going global

If you want your app to go beyond your current territory, app store optimization is needed. You can go for app localization. This means you tap the geography-specific audience by making your app available to them in their language.

Increasing app revenue

You can monetize your app through in-app ads, in-app purchases, and subscriptions. All this is not possible if your app listing page is not converting visitors into downloaders. So, if you spend any money to run ads to bring users all that will go waste. App store optimization helps you in converting visitors into downloaders.

Why choose DeyIt for app store optimization

DeyIt is a highly rated app store optimization service provider in London, UK. Our ASO service helps multiply your app download numbers, generate organic traffic, and conversions, and boost your app visibility in app stores like Google play store and Apple’s app store.

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