Pay Per Click

PPC advertising is important. It gives you the opportunity to top the position on search engines. With effective PPC marketing we deliver instant traffic to your website and complement existing SEO strategies. We offer complete PPC programme development along with on-going optimization and management service. So we offer PPC which is ideal for you if you are thinking to test Google Adwords or you are looking to promote your product/service for short, medium or long period.

We have PPC package which is suitable for all your needs including your main objective to bring visitors or to create awareness for your product/service. Our package offers building Adword account for you, management of your ad campaign, Keyword creation, Ad copy creation and Regular performance check. We send report on monthly basis on your campaign success against keyword and text choice. We prepare and send rank report which tells you where you rank for the key words for which you pay. Our team is always there to explain about your campaign's progress, direction, and answer any questions you may have.

Ad Copy Creation - We create 2- 4 ad copies per ad group which is quite good as per Google best practices. Our each ad copy contains different message to the audience so to choose best ad copy among all the ad copies. We take care of the fact that ad copies are relevant with your key words and your landing page. We also keep a check on not well performing ad copies and so create new ad copies if required.

Key word creation - We review your running keywords and create new key words to enhance the ad campaign. If any running Key words are not performing then we pause them and will add negative keywords for good CTR and ROI improvement.
Landing Page optimization - First we check thoroughly your destination page URL or landing page of your ads. We will check whether your landing page has proper meta title, description and targeted key words in place or not. We will also check whether your landing page has substantial information about your product/service or not. After checking all these we will suggest changes that will help to bring more of your targeted audience to your landing page.
Google Ad words and Google Analytics Linking: Google analytics allows to track from where traffic is coming to your website? How many came from referral sites, how many traffic you got from ad word campaign and how many traffic you got organically. So we will create Google Analytics account to track your targeted audience behaviour like how long visitor stayed on your landing page, did they bounce and many other information.

Regular Performance check - We make sure that we check your campaign's performance on regular basis and make necessary changes to bring desired result for you.