IT Project Management

From project design, right through to implementation; DeyIT services provide expert project management services.

Services for you:

  • Overcome capacity, resource and skills shortages
  • Determine goals and objectives
  • Determine and address the risks involved
  • Determine cost effective realistic and achievable deadlines
  • Provide effective communication and collaboration between everyone involved
  • Deliver the project on time and within budget

What services are involved?

Project Design and Management: Determining project goals, objectives, milestones, deadlines, testing phases and go live dates. Managing all the phases involved throughout the project implementation and handover.

Manage Risks: Determine risks, acknowledge risks and address the risks.

Vendor Management: We will manage all the vendors and suppliers involved in the team together with close communication with your procurement team.

Contingency plans: Design robust contingency plans if rollbacks are required, reducing business interruptions and costs in the unlikely event of something going seriously wrong on the 'go live' date that is not found during the testing phase.

Project Resource: DEYIT services can supply all the required skilled resource to manage and implement the project so your own capacity is not stretched.